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Harlequin ladybird elytra
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Welcome to the Harlequin Ladybird Survey website

H. axyridis adult and pupa © Bev Wigney, Crocodile Pbase gallery
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Distribution of harlequin ladybird (H. axyridis) Feb 2015 © CEH

Map last updated: 20th February 2015
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The Harlequin Ladybird has landed!

A new ladybird has arrived in Britain. But not just any ladybird: this is the harlequin ladybird, Harmonia axyridis, the most invasive ladybird on Earth.

The harlequin ladybird was introduced to North America in 1988, where it is now the most widespread ladybird species on the continent. It has already invaded much of northwestern Europe, and arrived in Britain in summer 2004.

The distribution map on the left or the annnual spread maps show that it has spread rapidly north and west from the southeast of England since its first sighting.

There are 46 species of ladybird (Coccinellidae) resident in Britain and the recent arrival of the harlequin ladybird has the potential to jeopardise many of these. The Harlequin Ladybird Survey will monitor its spread across Britain and assess its impact on native ladybirds.

Monitoring ladybirds across the country has never been more important. We want YOU to get involved! Please record your harlequin ladybird sightings

'Ladybirds (Coccinellidae) of Britain and Ireland' - 200 page full colour book by Ladybird Survey organisers now available to order!

You can find out more about the UK's native ladybirds by visiting the UK Ladybird Survey website.

The websites of the UK Ladybird Survey and Harlequin Ladybird Survey will be merging later in 2012. The surveys are active and we welcome your harlequin ladybird records at this site.
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